Pricing Plans

All of DNSthingy services* are offered on all supported platforms, regardless of the gateway’s operating system:

Plan USD**/mo USD**/yr Plan Feature set
1 $7.99 $79 Essentials DNS-based filtering, per-device Rule Sets, black and white listing
2 $29.99 $299 Professional Essentials plus rainbow lists (conditional forwarding) as well as Adaptive Whitelisting
3 $79.99 $799 Business Professional plus Don't Talk To Strangers/Zero Trust Model
4 quoted quoted Enterprise Business plus High Availability with multiple instances for load-balancing or automatic fail-over services

* Some kernel features differ between FreeBSD and Linux, including Linux-only anyip support which is required for Proxy subnet functionality
** Other currencies available upon request include CAD (Canadian Dollar) and ZAR (South African RAND)

To switch between plans, visit your dashboard -> Billing Settings -> Change Subscription. Note that during the free 30-day evaluation period, a credit card will be required to switch from Essentials to Professional or Business, but no charge will take place until the end of the evaluation period.