Accessing MyBox and MyTools

These two URLs are part of every DNSthingy service:

If you typed or on your browser display shows otherwise, these are possible reasons:

  • You are not on your DNSthingy network
  • You are on your DNSthingy network but currently using a VPN
  • You are on your DNSthingy network but setup a bypass ruleset

Each of the platforms operate differently in terms of “where you end up”, so consider the following table:

Platform URL Forwards to
ClearOS https://[LAN-IP]:81
pfSense* https://[LAN-hostname]:20443

*Note that the pfSense deployment depends on the webUI port set during installation.

As long as your firmware is up-to-date, your SSL certificate is also current and valid.

In addition to this convenient way for you to access your device’s own web-based user interface, you can also access the following resources from while on your internal network:

  • Who Am I?
    • Shows your BoxID that is filtering your traffic
    • Shows your MAC address
    • Shows the IP that you’re seen coming from
    • Shows your device name you’re known by, and if unknown, will show the Manufacturer’s name of your MAC address
  • Domain log (of live DNS queries) which is a great resource when looking for domains in use by mobile apps
  • Your dashboard online which simply links you to your always-on dashboard where you manage your rules and devices.