Posted September 21, 2018 by David Redekop to Feature

We’re excited about version 3.2.1 of our core software because it marks a significant milestone of feature completion that our valued subscribers have most asked for.

Strong policy enforcement

The Don’t Talk To Strangers feature has been widely tested and matured for this release to truly allow security to be more convenient than ever. If you’re looking for tools to block DNS-over-HTTPS (also known as DoH or DNSoverHTTPS), Psiphon, or whatever is considered a risk in your environment that requires strong policy enforcement, look no further. Try DNSthingy for free, switch to a business plan and enjoy the best we have to offer.

Reporting dashboard

Reporting dashboard is now available on all platforms running the latest software. Please note that this requires opting into domain logging in your Dashboard -> Router settings.

More secure than ever

DNS rebinding attack protection is now also the default on all platforms.

Faster unblocking

When you live in a block-all-allow-some (whitelisting) world, you want new resources investigated and approved quickly. Not only is our inspector been optimized to get faster, all platforms except pfSense support a new feature called Proxy Subnet that allows the unblock request to be processed faster even though browsers tend to cache blocked content.

More news coming shortly

Stay tuned for even more exciting news coming shortly!