DNSthingy has grown up into ADAMnetworks!

We’re excited to announce that our technology and our team has matured to a place that we need a new brand to reflect who we’ve become! Going forwards we will be operating under the name ADAMnetworks.

Safer, faster, more secure, fewer ads, and border free!

DNSthingy is only $7.99 US / month1. Your first 30 days are free!

Home owners

Manage your Internet

Easily block adult content and third-party ads, or only allow access to approved sites. Force safe search on Google, Bing, and YouTube. Access content that is blocked in your region.

Want different settings for different devices? No problem! Create a policy for the parent's computers and another one for children's devices. DNSthingy gives you the control!

Business owners

Protect your business

DNSthingy gives you control over your Internet connection. Blacklist unwanted sites to speed up your network. Or whitelist only required business sites to minimize the chance of being hit by malware and ransomware. We know that one size fits all doesn't always work, so you can assign each device to a different policy.

I.T. professionals

Take control of your network

One subscription protects your entire network.

  • Block third party ads
  • Block content marketers
  • Block adult content and phishing
  • Domain logging
  • Unblock requests
  • Verified whitelists

Block unwanted content with blacklists, or use whitelists to allow only approved content. The choice is yours!

Protect your network
Control each device
Blacklist unwanted sites
Whitelist approved sites
Share lists
Filter content
Schedule access