• Whitelist or blacklist
  • Block third party ads and trackers
  • Block adult content
  • Force safe search engines
  • Filter YouTube
  • Protect your whole network
  • Support unlimited devices
  • Customize per device
  • Access geo-restricted services
  • Your first 30 days are free!
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Why DNSthingy?

DNSthingy puts you in control over your Internet connection. You have complete control over which sites are visited. Blocking unwanted sites speeds up your network and provides additional security. We know that one size fits all doesn’t always work, so you can assign each device to a different rule set.

Control what can be accessed online

Block unwanted content with blacklists, or use whitelists to allow only approved content. The choice is yours!


Blacklists block a group of sites. DNSthingy includes lists to block things like third party ads and adult content. You can also make your own lists.


Whitelists allow access to *only* the sites that you approve. This gives you complete control. Select from existing DNSthingy lists, or make your own.

Filter content

In addition to just blocking or allowing entire sites, DNSthingy allows filtering content within certain sites. As always, these options can be configured per device.

Force safe search on Bing and Google

This forces safe search on a network level.

Clean up YouTube

This introduces two levels of filtering on YouTube. When enabled, you can select strict or moderate mode.

And more...

That’s not all. Automate rule changes with schedules, or access content that is blocked in your country or region using virtual relocation.

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